Secure Storage for all your Photos

We are #1 in Privacy: Safe – Secured – Encrypted – Protected on the Cloud

Why SecureSnaps?

Ever had a nosy friend grab your phone and open your photos without asking? Ever been concerned that someone might get ahold of your delicate photos?

Are you worried that one of your children might see your private photos?

With celebrity photo leaks, are you concerned about the lack of photo storage security?

Log out from Secure Snaps and we leave no trace of your photos on your device

Secure Snaps – Snaps Free Features

Always ON Encryption
You don’t need to be a celebrity to be
a target for snoopers and hackers. At
all times (at rest or in transit) your
photos are secured using military
grade encryption. If someone gets
access to one of your devices or your
cloud storage account, your photos
cannot be decrypted.

Stored on the Cloud
Rather than store your photos on
your device, we use the industry’s
leading cloud storage to make sure
your photos are secure and available
when you want them. Amazon® S3
stores your encrypted photos in
multiple locations and on multiple
storage devices within each location.

Bank Level Security
We use the same level of security your
bank uses to protect your money.
They ensure security of your money
and we ensure security of your
photos. Since a username, strong
password and passphrase is required
to log in, unauthorized access to your
photos is made practically impossible.

Mobile / Desktop
Log in from any device (yours, a
friends, a web cafe, etc.) and your
photos are there for you; log out and
they vanish from that device. With
apps for iOS® and Android® phones
and tablets; Windows® and Mac®
desktops, your photos are securely
available to you anytime, anywhere.

Private Photo Gallery
Each Secure Snaps account is
connected to a secure and private
photo gallery where you can store
your photos. You can import photos
from any one of your devices or with
our mobile apps use our secure
camera feature to take a new photo
and immediately secure it.

Save Space
SecureSnaps creates a stress-free
photo storage environment by storing
your photos on the cloud and
preventing them from occupying too much
space on your mobile device. With
SecureSnaps, you can freely focus on
capturing every important moment in your
life, without worrying you’ll run out of space.
Secure Snaps Product Line-Up

Three distinct products – One which is perfect for you

250 Photos + Low-Definition 5 GB + Video + Hi-Def Unlimited Storage + Anonymity
Store up to 250 photos at a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 Using your Microsoft® OneDrive, Google Drive®, DropBox® or Box® account, you can store up to 5 GB of photos and videos at their original resolution Your storage is limited only by available storage on your Microsoft® OneDrive, Google Drive®, DropBox® or Box® account; and an email address is not required for registration of accounts