English Pronunciation Practice

An efficient way to learn English pronunciation and improve your speaking skills.

Why Saundz?

Want to learn to speak perfect English?
Saundz can help you achieve this –
quickly, efficiently, inexpensively.
Want better career opportunities?
Start by improving your pronunciation
skills with Saundz.

You think learning to speak properly
requires a lot of your time and money?
Not with Saundz.

Practice with Saundz and
make yourself understood in any
communication situation.

Practice with Saundz and we guarantee you will improve
your pronunciation skills!

Saundz Features

38 chapters – 162 lessons
Saundz consists of 38 chapters (162 lessons) which teach you how to pronounce all 40 sounds of American English (16 vowels and 24 consonants).

Virtual teacher
Our virtual animated teacher Simone shows you how to position your mouth, lips, tongue and teeth in order to accurately produce all the sounds.

4 native speakers
Saundz offers you 4 native speakers to compare your voice with (two female voices – adult and teenager, and two male voices – adult and teenager).

400+ words
Saundz also includes a dictionary with definitions for more than 400 words, including pictures and sentence examples.

Written instructions
Each sound is accompanied by sets of written instructions that explain how to pronounce a certain sound in great details. You can read these instructions while you watch Simone pronouncing sounds and words.

Multiple curriculums
Saundz offer multiple curriculums for native speakers of different languages. These curriculums are made to address the most problematic sounds for native speakers of those languages.
Saundz is available on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer
with an Internet connection and a browser.

Saundz is also available as an iPad app and a Windows 8 tablet app.
iPhone and Android phone and tablet versions are coming soon.