Re-inventing is just another word for plagiarism


EVOVE stands for smart, next-generation products/solutions for desktops and mobile devices. We combine excellence in design with advanced technologies to deliver exceptional quality products.
Our team members are highly-skilled professionals with strong business ethics and core values. Our culture is a reflection of our management‘s goals and vision.


SecureSnaps is the best app to securely store all your private photos. Our SecureSnaps app is #1 in Privacy: Safe, Secured, Encrypted and Protected on the Cloud. The SecureSnaps product lineup includes: SNAPS FREE (250 Photos + Low-Definition), SNAPS LITE (5 GB + Video + Hi-Def) and SNAPS ELITE (Unlimited Storage + Anonymity). SecureSnaps is available for Windows, Mac, Linux desktops and iOS and Android phones and tablets. SecureSnaps is soon to be released and you can be one of the first 100,000 users and could win a FREE copy of Snaps LITE or Snaps ELITE, click here.         
Saundz (pronounced SOUNDS) is an innovative curriculum-based educational software program that helps English as a Second Language learners improve their English pronunciation skills and reduce their accent. Saundz teaches the 40 sounds of English in a step-by-step approach and includes pronunciation exercises and studio quality 3D animations of sound articulation that allow students, regardless of their language proficiency, to learn English pronunciation quickly. Saundz is available for desktop computers (Windows and Mac) and iPads. Soon versions for iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets will be released.                        


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